the BABY LESLIE Bluetooth Speaker

The BT-122 “BABY LESLIE” is a wireless Bluetooth® Speaker designed for use with your Mobile Phone, Pad, Media Player, Laptop or any other Bluetooth-compatible equipment.

The “Baby Leslie” inherits the look of the original Model Leslie 122 Speaker, developed exclusively for Hammond Organs such as the legendary ‘B-3’.

Although the “Baby Leslie” does not provide the “Rotary Effect” of traditional Leslie Speaker Cabinets, its omnidirectional sound system including a passive radiator brings brilliant highs and rich lows reflecting the heritage the Leslie Brand is famous for.

An added fun feature uses illuminated LEDs to simulate the look of the spinning “horn rotor” atop all classic Leslies.

The badge and name plate have been recreated from the original Leslie Logo, and the look of real wood offers a touch of vintage sty