Leslie Studio 12/G37

Leslie Studio 12
Leslie G37 for Guitar


The Leslie Studio 12 is the smallest-ever dual-rotor Leslie intended for general applications. It is the same size and weight as the popular G37 Guitar Leslie with which it shares a common cabinet. Keyboard players have asked for an ultra-portable Leslie that had a true Leslie Horn and Rotor, and Hammond has delivered their wish.

With a tube preamp driving a 100 watt solid state power amp, the Studio 12 is at home on the Rock and Roll stage and Jazz club alike. Its 1/4″ input allows any instrument to connect, and a standard footswitch handles fast and slow speeds. Leslie’s exclusive “Gas Pedal” may be fitted to the Studio 12, allowing custom Leslie speeds and expressive swells.

the LESLIE G37 "Guitar Leslie"

Guitarists everywhere have turned to the Leslie Speaker for the unmistakable tonal contribution it makes wherever it is used. The G37 is a genuine horn and rotor Leslie, in a smaller and lighter-weight cabinet; an easy size for any working guitarist to transport. The Integral Solid-State Onboard Guitar amplifier can play pristine-clean or down-and dirty. You hook up with a regular standard 1/4″ cable, and the rotor’s speed is changed with the provided foot switch. The optional “Gas Pedal” allows you to get the perfect custom rotor speed, or effect dramatic “ramps” Up or down.

The Leslie G27 is no longer in production

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