Leslie Relay Retro Kit (122)

This kit is used to replace the no longer available Potter & Brumfield open frame relays found in the amplifiers in vintage 122 Leslies. The replacement relay is mounted on a small printed circuit board with a cable that must be wired into the amplifier. Installation instructions are provided. .

Part number 103-000552


Leslie Relay (147)

The relay for the 147-type amplifiers and power relays controls the speed of the 147 Leslie.

Part number 503-027649


Leslie Driver Adapter Plate

This plate is used in current Leslies to mount the horn driver. Kit is supplied with instructions and adhesive glue. .

Part number 103-000561


Filter Capacitor Replacement Kit

This capacitor kit is a substitute for the multi-section electrolytic capacitor that are no longer being produced. This kit contains four axial electrolytic capacitors and wiring instructions. This capacitor was used in vintage Leslie Models 21, 22, 122, 142, 222, 242, 44W, 45, 46, 47, 145, 147, 245, and 247. .

Part number 103-000558