XK-5 Specifications


Upper and Lower 73 notes each (61 playing keys plus 12 Preset Keys) Square-front (“waterfall”-style) New mechanical key-bed design

Pedal (optional)

13, 20-note spinet-style 25-note radiating Adjustable Pedal Sustain Pedal to Lower coupler Custom Pedal Registrations (3 Factory, 3 User)


SPLIT panel control Assignable split point

Tone Generator

MTW™ (Modeled Tone Wheels) Farf/VX/Pipe Organ 61-note polyphony for Manuals 5-note polyphony for Pedals

Virtual Multi-Contacts™

Custom Contacts (3 Factory, 3 User) 3 Physical Contacts, 9 Assignable Virtual Contacts Adjustable Attack, Release, Decay

Harmonic Drawbars®

5 sets (4 Manuals, 1 Pedal) Upper 2 X 9 pitches Lower 2 X 9 pitches Pedal 2 pitches

Drawbar Voicing

4 choices for Manuals (A-100, B-3, C-3, Mellow) 4 choices for Pedals (Normal, Muted, Synth 1 & 2)

Custom Tone Wheel (CTW™)

3 Factory, 3 User for A-100, B-3, C-3 & Mellow Drawbar Voicings CTW’s identified by model and serial number Adjustable parameters for each tone wheel 12 complex tone wheels for bottom 12 pedal tones.

Touch-Response Percussion™

Percussion On, Normal/Soft Volume, Slow/Fast Decay, 2nd & 3rd Harmonic Adjustable Normal/Soft Volume settings, Slow/Fast Decay rates, Velocity, Key Tracking, 1’ Drawbar Cancel ON/OFF

Vibrato & Chorus™

Virtual Scanner™ (3 settings) Adjustable rate, Vibrato/Chorus Mix Vibrato on Pedal ON/OFF


Tube/Solid State Adjustable drive level

Preset Keys

9 Presets plus Cancel each Manual 2 Adjust Presets each Manual 9 programmable Preset Banks


100 User, 100 Factory Patches Assignable to Preset Keys as Favorites Assignable Patch Load: Drawbar registrations, Drawbar parameters, Internal & External Zones, Multi-Effects, Reverb.

Tube Preamp

12AU7/12AX7 Tubes Adjustable Routing & Drive Level

MT™ Matching Transformer

Adjustable drive level, Hysteresis, upper/lower/percussion levels


Tremolo, Auto Pan, Wah-Wah, Ring Modulator, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Delay. Adjustable parameters for each effect.

Master Equalizer

Bass/Mid/Treble panel controls Adjustable gain & center frequency

Programmable Equalizer

Bass, Mid, Treble Adjustable center frequency Hammond Preamp Tone Control


STOP, FAST, BYPASS panel controls. Custom Cabinets (8 Preset, 8 User) Adjustable Slow & Fast Speeds, Rise & Fall Times, Horn/Drum/Subwoofer Volume Balance, Microphone Settings.


ON/OFF panel control 11 programs Leslie On Reverb ON/OFF


5 MIDI Templates 3 Keyboard Channels (Upper, Lower, Pedals) 6 External Zones (3 Upper, 2 Lower, 1 Pedals) Assignable MIDI channels, key range, Program Change, Pan, Velocity Curve, Min/Max Volume IN 1, IN 2, OUT Connections


OLED, 20 character, 2 line 7 Control Buttons & VALUE Rotary Knob


“A” port (“To USB Flash Drive”) “B” port (“To Host”)


Transpose +- 6 semitones Fine Tune +- 10 cents Octave Up/Down +- 2 octaves

H-BUS® Connector

To Pedals/Expression Pedal

Audio Connections

LINE OUT L/MONO / R Headphone Jack

11-pin Leslie® Connector

Other Connections

CONTROL 1, CONTROL 2, 8-pin DIN (EXP-100F Expression Pedal) AC Input


46.8” (W) 15.8” (D) 4.7” (H) Weight 34.6 lbs.


11-pin Leslie Cable CU-1 Switch EXP-50 EXP-100F XPK-200L XPK250W Gig Bag