The A-3 shown here with optional pedalboard, bench and music rack

Cabinet and Keyboard Option for the Xk-5

The A-3 does for appearance what the innards of the XK-5 do for sound. If there is a photo, a description isn’t really necessary. It’s the “spitting image” a B-3, but closer in size to the 1934 Hammond Model A (Mr. Hammond’s first instrument). It’s just a tad smaller than the B, but your audience will never know it. With matching 25-note Pedalboard and Bench, in Hammond’s signature Red Walnut finish, it has never been easier to make a dream come true. And yes, the A-3 is a breeze to transport. The upper keyboard assembly detatches from the leg/stand assembly, which folds down in a snap, making the A-3 very easy to move about. All the components of the A-3 SYSTEM can be purchased “a la carte”, allowing you to assemble your organ as your budget permits.

All of the sound generation of the Model A-3 is provided by the XK-5 (purchased separately)

Jon Hammond at the A-3

Jon Hammond and Joe Berger live at the Anaheim NAMM